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Book Review: Between (A debut Novel)

Title: Between

Author: Kerry Schafer

Released: Jan 29, 2013

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Synopsis: Vivian’s life is finally on track. She has a job she loves as an ER doctor and has just met – literally – the man of her dreams. But when her eccentric grandfather is murdered and designates her as his next of kin, she discovers that she is the last of a race of beings known as dreamshifters. It is her task to guard the doorways between waking and dreaming, which have already begun to unravel, spilling dangerous creatures from dream into the waking world. When she sets out to close the open doors and protect her town and the people she loves, Vivian confronts dragons, intrigue, and the dark secrets of her own family history. In the end, she comes face to face with a sorceress seeking eternal life and ultimate power. Vivian must find a way to stop her, or reality will be forever altered.”–Ace Books


I absolutely adore Urban Fantasy. I read the back of this book, and was glad to find a rare original premise in the Urban Fantasy genre. Between had a lot of potential as a series, and of being a good read. Because the premise is creative or at least I haven’t seen its like before. But it has some flaws so I rate it a three. It read a little slow for me, and I spent much time rereading paragraphs just to figure out the plot or what was going on that chapter.

Now things that were cons for me in the book was the transition, the heroine and sexual violence.  The transition from wake-world (reality), dreamworld and the between was confusing and chaotic even the character had trouble telling them apart.  There was really enough explanation, for me, about them. I had issues with Vivian, the heroine. She was flat, and not a strong heroine  I was expecting a BA character and received a weak go with the flow one. Vivian is an ER doctor but didn’t  act like any ER docs I have seen or worked with. She is slow on the uptake and doesn’t act fast in a critical situation. She just drifts through each problem that arises. In the middle of the book is a sexual assault  It has no purpose, and Vivian doesn’t grow from it. She just lets it happen, and has no emotional reaction. She had a reaction to physical abuse but not the sexual abuse.

I did like how Vivian made mistakes, and was realistic at being scared of having a destiny throw at her. My favorite character was Poe the sidekick penguin. Poe was Vivian’s totem or spirit animal. He was a normal penguin, no talking but he was smart and help Vivian out of tight spots. He also helped her notice things. Wake-world Zee was a bit neurotic about helping Vivian even though they had just met other then dreams. But I believe he needs more air time to develop.

Overall It was good and the series could develop to be better. But is was slow pace for me, and a bit disappointing  I might read the next one just to see what happens. Also it had dragons that were actually threatening and scary instead all docile. So I give this book 3 out of 5 penguins.


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