Frying Pan to the head– Haunted Review

Title: Haunted (The Arnaud Chronicles)      Author: Lynn Carthage        Publisher:  Kensington Books                       Publish: Feb 25, 2015                       

Type: YA Supernatural

Think you wanna get this book(you know you do) Check out Amazon, or wanna find more review before buying this book Check out Goodreads or even check out Lynn Carthage, the author herself for other books and updates on when the next one comes out!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: Phoebe has traded San Francisco for an Ancestral Home in England. It’s supposed to be a new start for her family after something Phoebe did…that she can’t remember. But they are not the only ones living in the mansion as Phoebe is about to find out.

I was enthralled by Haunted. The premise hooked me from the start. Lynn did a splendid job at sprinkling information about and leaving a few things a mystery until the grand reveal. Although the best way to describe reading this book is being hit over the head with a frying pan. One moment you are puzzling out what is happening, and then WHAM! Next you are in a picking yourself back up, someone is dead and you are covered in hot, messy emotions. The plot is hard to discern at first but if you get all the clues that Lynn dusts each chapter with, then you will know before the end. I thought the ending and dealing with the antagonist was a new way of handling it.

Phoebe is a very relatable sixteen year old. She is strong willed and full of conflicting emotions. She does handle the turbulence in her life pretty well. I love the fact that she is not only a reader but also a swimmer. Miles was a bit flat in the beginning, but the closer to the end he grew. I couldn’t tell if he was a love interest or if he was just there to prod her along. There were many scenes that wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t there to move Phoebe along. But there times when Phoebe moved him along. So it was balanced.

I enjoyed Haunted. It is a good blend of all of the elements of young adult novels. It took me two hours to read because I just didn’t want to put it down. You can get Haunted at your local bookstore, or Amazon. I give Haunted 4 out of 5 ghost maids.


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