All you need is… Trust

Title: Trust (Between the Lions #1)              Author: Jodi Baker

Publisher:Between The Lions Press

Publish: June 18th,2015                                                    Type: YA Urban Fantasy

Author Website:                  Goodreads:

This a ‘galley” copy eBook supplied by Netgalley. I am not receiving any monetary benefit or any kickback for this review. I received this Galley for an honest review.  So basically, I get free books for reviews. How awesome is that??

Anna is the last in a long lineage of powerful people; whose secrets date back to the ancient library of Alexandria. Except Anna doesn’t know it. Trust is a young adult urban fantasy about a syndicate that is protecting the greatest treasure known to mankind. I really liked the beginning. I thought it has a great start to a grand adventure, but there were three things that cause my attention to waver. After Anna wakes up between the library lions with no knowledge of the last year and hearing a voice in her head was when I started to drift away. I still like the book but there was just so many variables to keep track of that made me less excited. The missing year is never explained to us or to Anna. The voice to me sounded more like a psychotic break then a plot point. The nurse slur irritated me, but I was able to ignore it to move on with the book. Anna did at least grow in character throughout the book. Also, no knight in white till almost the end.

I might read the next book just to see what happens. I liked it and would recommend to others. Especially if they like their urban fantasy mixed with a dose of history. I like the nod to the library of Alexandria, and the love of reading. Not to mention, the kick butt librarians.

I give Trust 3 out of 5 lions for a good premise and hope for a sequel that explains more. This book took me approximately 2 hours to read. If you like to try this book pick it up at B&N, Amazon, or your local bookstore. Trust will be out in stores on June 18th,2015. 


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