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A shocking read– Shock me by Ashley C Harris

Shock me(First sorry about that pun as a heading… I couldn’t resist)

Title: Shock Me         

Author: Ashley  Harris         

Publisher:  Barclay Publicity

Publish:    June 23, 2015                   Type: YA Supernatural Fantasy

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This an ‘arc” copy eBook supplied by Netgalley. I am not receiving any monetary benefit or any kickback for this review. I received this arc for an honest review. Thanks to the Author and publisher for allowing me to participate in the blog tour!

Donna is a shy out casted gymnast who thinks her only goo ability is her gymnastics. She has strained relationship with everyone around her. Her life seems to be just passing her by until a shocking accident that should left her dead tosses her into a world she was not yet ready for.

I did like this book. The premise was good and executed quite well. I just didn’t love on the extreme scale that I thought I would. I love how Harris’s takes you a bit forward in time in regards to the storyline and then drags you back. The thing is that the glimpse into what was going to happen did not clear up any questions. It did add some intrigue. Especially questions I hadn’t had a chance to form. I thought it was bit slow in the beginning, but seemed to build as time went on. It was actually a fresh take on super powered teens.

Donna drove me nuts. I sympathized with her, but she just had no backbone. She allowed everyone to walk right over without expressing any emotional pain to it. As Donna got control over her ability, she did seem to grow. But by time, she had obtained any such backbone the story was ending. Granted there are two more books that I have yet read in this series. I just was a little disappointed by Donna. Now most of the other characters seemed fleshed out and drove the story forward with or without Donna. My absolute favorite is tie between Brooke and Randy. Brooke because she reminded me a bit of myself and a few my friends. She was definitely my type of girl and the perfect character to bring Donna out of her shell. Randy was my favorite. Even though he was the bad-ish guy. There was just something about him and the way he acted towards things that made me want to swaddle him up and cuddle him until he felt loved. But I have a thing for bad guys. I hope that we might get to see him reform.

Okay, I don’t do well with multiple POVs. I normally can’t stand them. But Harris had a way with writing them that made me not want to shut the book. She was able to pull out each character, show you their view and thoughts without missing a beat when it switched. Harris is definitely masterful at multiple POVs. I think Shock Me is the first multiple POV that I was able finish. Kudos for that!!

Overall I did like this book. Granted I didn’t love it as much as I was hoping. But I still give this book 4 out 5 super soldiers. Because Harris did a great job in writing this book, and I will definitely have to check out the next in the series. This book had caught my attention and kept it until the very last word. It has 116 pages and took me approximately two hours to read. Mainly because life kept getting in the way. Check it out! This review is cross-posted on Amazon and goodreads.

Check out this awesome book trailer by Ashley C Harris!!


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