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Touch Me Not– City of Fae Review

cityof faeTitle: City of Fae

Author: Pippa Dacosta

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Pub Date: May 7, 2015

Pages: 365                                                     Avid Reader Time: 1.4 hours

Type: New Adult/ Urban Fantasy

Review Rating: starstarstarstar

        ***Warning: Book contains violence, and adult themes…and spiders***

From the moment Alina touches London’s hottest Fae superstar, breaking one of the laws founded to protect all of her kind, her fate – and the Fae – close in.

Below ground, the Fae High Queen plots to claim the city as her own and places her pawns, ready for the battle to come. A battle she cannot lose, but for one small problem – Alina. There are four ancient keepers powerful enough to keep the queen in her prison. Three are dead. One remains … And to fight back, Alina risks sacrificing everything she has come to love.

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This an ‘arc” copy eBook supplied by Netgalley. I am not receiving any monetary benefit or any kickback for this review. I received this arc for an honest review. This review is cross-posted on Amazon, Goodreads and given directly to the publisher.


I was hopeful for City of Fae to be a good read, because it has Fae. But I finished it just a tad disappointed.  Not that it wasn’t an alright book, but it didn’t have me jumping for joy. City of the Fae. The book had good points and part that lower the rating for me. I really like the elements that were used in this story. City of Fae is a bottom-up style of world building and it progresses you really DaCosta’s fae. It has a realistic setting style located in Londan, England.

So the on to the good stuff. The cover is absolutely stunning. That was the first thing that drew me in. I love a good cover. The synopsis draws you in as well, but it was the blurb that made me want to read the book.

“Days to live. Hours to love. Seconds to Kill”

I mean how cool is that quote. It also describes the theme of City of Fae. You actually don’t find out who Alina really is, or what really is going on until closer to the end of the book. The first few chapters are just spent figuring out if there is a story for Alina to get from Reign. The book does give some background regarding the fae, and delves into their story more than Alina’s. She is just along for the ride. The Fae need Dracht ‘aura’ to live. The source of this Dracht comes from humans. So Humans set a law. According to law, No human is to touch a fae. Because three touches allows them to bespell them. Sovereign is a Fae, and a possible love interest for Alina. City of Fae is fast paced and only drags around the middle.

“Look but Don’t Touch

Touch but Don’t Feel

Feel but never ever Love”

The problems live in the really confusing ploy. There are so many events that are introduce towards the end of the book; that you really have to focus to keep an eye on all of them. It did start to feel a bit rushed to get everything wrapped up. Then there were the spiders. The main antagonist was a spider controlling fae that looked like a huge spider. The twist in the story make up for the confusion as long as you can keep up.

Overall, I liked it and it definitely interesting. Not sure if I would read it again, but I would refer to those who like reading about Fae. I give City of Fae 4 out of 5 stars. It is a twisty maze of dangerous Fae and impending doom with a dash of Forbidden love.


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