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Exclusive Content from Jessie Rosen

I received exclusive content from Jessie Rosen the Author of Dead Ringer. To share with you all!! Its a playlist to listen to as you read Dead Ringer. Check out my review!

From the Desk of Jessie Rosen:


I am a major music lover, especially when it comes to tunes one can listen to while writing. Most of my big projects have a Spotify playlist that grows as I continue to work—Dead Ringer included. Sometimes they’re songs that evoke a certain mood or make me think of a specific character. Other times it’s just about the perfect beat to help me push through another few pages. Here is the official playlist that helped me finish Dead Ringer. Enjoy it as you read or use it to write your own YA thriller.

Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce

 This is the song I think of when I envision Laura Rivers getting dressed for her first day at Englewood High School. It’s a little intense for a breezy California girl, but Laura is trying to channel all her inner confidence to have a great senior year, which is what I was doing as I prepped to write my first novel.

Kissing You – Des`Ree 

I’m about to totally date myself, but when Laura sees Charlie for the very first time I hear this song in my head. If you grew up in the Claire + Leo as Romeo + Juliet era, you understand and, like me, hear this song in your head whenever things get super romantic.

Million Dollar Bills – Lorde

This is 100% Amanda’s song. Just listening to it made her easier to write!

T-Shirt Weather – Circa Waves

Perfect for when Charlie is running around the soccer field for that first game of the year. This song also makes me happy, which is very necessary when slugging through 300+ pages of writing.

Catch – Dresses

 Not only is this a great indie pop song, but it also totally represents what’s going on inside Laura’s head as she’s starting to fall for Charlie. I listened to this on repeat when writing chapters four through seven.

I Love It – Icona Pop

 To me this is what’s playing when everyone is at the homecoming dance. Having not been to a homecoming dance in some time, I can’t confirm that it’s what the kids are requesting, but if I were seventeen again, this song would be playing every single day.

No One’s Gonne Love You – Band of Horses

 Things get rocky between Laura and Charlie…and Charlie and Amanda…and Miller and Charlie…and Sasha and everyone. All the drama makes me think of something like this moody love song by one of my favorite bands. It gives me chills when I listen.

A Wolf At The Door – Radiohead

This has got to be the song Sasha has playing in her room 24/7. I can just picture her being a big Radiohead fan, and this is among their creepiest tracks. It feels like the perfect song to help you solve a mystery.

Ventura Highway – America

 Another oldie but so goodie. There is a road trip that happens late in the book, and this is the quintessential road trip song—in California at least. (There’s your hint as to who is involved in said road trip…)

The Hexx – Pavement

 And finally, things get intense at the end of the book—very intense. This song represents so much…none of which I am willing to reveal.

Listen to Jessie’s picks as you read DEAD RINGER, now available at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or direct from the Full Fathom Five Digital store (direct purchases give Jessie more royalties!).



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