Mid-Something Ramblings


Helllo Pretties!!

Its a new year. So expect some changes going on in this blog. I am updating the categories and tags. It has came to my attention that I have been over categorizating my posts. I am thinking of changing up the template, and heading… Many things!!!

I hope it comes together in a more cohesive blog. It will remain a book review, and random things post. No worries!

Some interesting things.

I now have an instagram. Look me up! I am under Nihil Sed Tempus. (Button on About me page)

As you know I still have Goodreads, Amazon profile, Librarything, and twitter. (Buttons on About me page)

Although Librarything is a new toy for me. So I have to figure it out prior to use. 🙂

So follow me on anythose sites, but as always updates are here first!


Blog Goals for the New Year:

  1. Read 366 books this year (I failed last year.)
  2. Try a new Genre or Author never read before.
  3. Post at least 4 times a week.

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