September challenge

Since I am behind on reviews I am going to a series of mini posts!! Each day I will post a question and answer from followers (blog,Instagram,tumblr, and Facebook) . So just comment below and for 30 days I’ll answer your personal but not inappropriate questions!!! 

September “get to know your blogger” challenge: (I’m already behind so two q&a)

Question number one(asked by Cora) What do you look forward to in the fall. 

The crisp chill in the mornings that signal the oncoming winter. Heavy blankets to stay under in comfort with a mug of a hot drink with soul food of a well loved and worn book of adventures and love triumphing over all obstacles

September “talk about yourself” challenge:

Question two: what are somethings that you do to ground yourself or recharge when overwhelmed by people/noises/life? (Dominque)

It really just depends on the level of escape I need and if I am in public or not. If in public and just to chill out I put on music or read. Or call my parents/brother or Sis to just talk and hear their love shine through.

If at home, I either play video games, read, or turn the music of loud to drown out the thought. The best thing is if I can sleep, is I would go curl up in awesome warm fuzzy blankets and just lay there in a burrito cocoon and think about nothing but light and fluff!!

That’s all for today tomorrow is another question answered!! Comment your questions below


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