Word Power–The Bird and The Sword Review


Title: The Bird and the Sword


Author: Amy Harmon

Publisher: Createspace Independent

Publish Date: May 11th, 2016

Pages: 352                 Content Rating: Mild

Book Rating: starstarstarstarstar

Type: Mobi (Own)     ART: 1.54 hour

The day my mother was killed, she told my father I wouldn’t speak again, and she told him if I died, he would die too. Then she predicted the king would trade his soul and lose his son to the sky.

My father has a claim to the throne, and he is waiting in the shadows for all of my mother’s words to come to pass. He wants desperately to be king, and I just want to be free.

But freedom will require escape, and I’m a prisoner of my mother’s curse and my father’s greed. I can’t speak or make a sound, and I can’t wield a sword or beguile a king. In a land purged of enchantment, love might be the only magic left, and who could ever love . . . a bird?

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“Swallow daughter, Pull them in those words that sit upon your lips. Lock them deep inside your soul, hide them ‘til they’ve time to grow. Close your mouth upon the power, curse not, cure not, ‘til the hour. You won’t speak and you won’t tell. You won’t call heaven or hell you will learn and you will thrive. Silence, daughter. Stay alive.”

I have no words. This book left me breathless and as silent as the main character Lark was in the beginning of this wonderful tale. The bird and the Sword have made it to the top of my favorites list. Harmon has a way of telling a story. The tension, angst and love is so strongly communicated that my heart broke during a few scenes. The way the characters feel and act just resonates throughout the tale. Every action has a consequence, and every word has power. For some of the characters, that is literal.

“Chance was more seductive than knowledge, and eternal life was meaningless without love”

The Bird and the Sword is a bottom-up fantastical setting. It’s told in first person present. It starts off as the mother as the narrator and then switches to the main character, Lark. The main reason the first person is ever used in a story is to build empathy and this story delivered. Lark’s personality and background make for a heart-wrenching tale. Each character presented has a story to tell. The author acknowledges this and sprinkles their interspersed with Larks. Lark is able to give each character a different light, that I don’t think could be told as well in a third person narration. As each character grow, so does the plot and storyline.

“I was only limited by my ignorance, by my fear, and by my own sense of right and wrong.”

TBTS is character driven, and I loved that. Lark is feisty, strong, and determined to do right even if that means denying her emotions and revealing her abilities. The prince is fierce, but kind. I like how each character has a hidden side a certain duplicity that adds to the plot and growing tension. Harmon shows the strength and power behind words. The love is slow and achingly sweet. Every page leaves you on the edge of your seat or swooning.

I have loved you every moment of every day and I will love you until I cease to be.

Harmon is very eloquent. The quotes in this review are only some of the ones that I loved. They are just fitting to the story. TBTS is well written, and every detail revealed showed a beautiful world. I give 5 stars for a well made a thrilling tale that was able to be heartwarming as well. The character is complex, and with so many levels that left me wanting more this world. Maybe we will get to learn more about Kjell and his awakened abilities. Go forth and read this, friends because it is worth your while.


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