Here there be Dragons?!?–Review of Dragonfly (Sept 2016)

24941100Title: Dragonfly #1

Series:The Dragonfly

Author: Resa Nelson

Publisher: Createspace Independent

Publish Date: 2/1/2015

Pages: 334        Content Rating: Mild

Book Rating: starstarstarstar

Type: Ebook (Request)        ART: 2 hours

In a medieval fantasy world where a handful of refugees from a Viking-like world now live in peace in a village of Shining Star people in the Great Turtle Lands, Greeta faces a dilemma. Although she longs to be married and have children, her sweetheart is balking. Something is wrong, and she suspects it’s because she looks nothing like any other young women. Instead of being petite and dark, Greeta is tall and pale.

For the first time in her life, Greeta is beginning to realize she has nowhere to fit in. And she could be facing a lonely life without love or a family of her own.

The appearance of a shaman in her village changes everything. The shaman insists Greeta must learn to walk in the Dreamtime because dark days approach and a key to the survival of all people in the Great Turtle Lands will be a gift that Greeta doesn’t yet know she has. Convinced she no longer belongs in her own village, Greeta leaves with the shaman.

But the travels beyond the village Greeta has always known and loved soon become perilous. She will soon learn that Dragonfly, the name given to her by the Shining Star people, is a clue to both the mysterious past she can’t remember as well as her future.
Dragonfly is Book 1 in the new epic fantasy adventure series that is also the second series set in Resa Nelson’s Dragonslayer World, a world brimming with female heroes, shapechangers, ghosts, and dragons. The Dragonfly series revolves around fantasy cultures inspired by the Norse exploration of Native America over 1000 years ago.

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This an ‘arc” copy eBook supplied by the author. I am not receiving any monetary benefit or any kickback for this review. I received this arc for an honest review. This review is cross-posted on Amazon, Goodreads and given directly to the publisher.

Dragonfly is a story about a girl trying to find her place in the world. Nelson writes a solid tale with an interesting twist. The premise is strong but seemed to stall in the beginning. The main character just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. There was a scene that threw the mc into turmoil, but it didn’t feel resolved before the new turmoil began. But it was able to hold my attention and was fairly easy to read.

Dragonfly is about finding yourself and your strength even when everyone including yourself is against you.  It is written in a historical fantasy type setting, with third person point of view. It intricately intertwines Viking (Northman) and native American ideologies with our main character having one foot in each world. This could have been a higher rating for me, but I didn’t feel like I could connect with any of the characters. I have an intense need for strong, and dimensional characters. So many characters in Dragonfly seemed to show up, move the plot and then disappear. They didn’t stay or interact with the main character long enough for me to care about them. The only strong characters that I had a small connection with was the main character Greeta and the antagonist Finehurst.

Greeta was interesting. She slowly grew a strength and backbone. I really liked the twist in her character. She was complex in the fact that she was the flux of strength and weakness. She was naïve and oblivious but had a cleverness about her that was not noticed in the beginning. Finehurst was a good antagonist. Hopefully, we will see and hear more of this character. Because he did his job as an antagonist in pushing the protagonist to be better.

The plot was unique. I was surprised by the mixing of historical ideology and fantastical. That was what intrigued me most about this story. All in all, I like Dragonfly.  Nelson had a compact writing style. It flows well from action to expose. The writing style is easy to read. I was left with so many questions. More questions than answers, unfortunately. But I see that there are 4 books total. So hopefully, we will get those answers. Especially, since it ended with a cliffhanger. Cliffhangers make me sad. I will be looking for the next book in the series. I give Dragonfly 4 out of 5 stars. I needed more character interaction and development.


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