Review policy

Review requests are closed at this time. Due to life. I’m going back to school full time plus working full time. You are welcome to send request if you don’t mind waiting a while for reviews. But urgent or timed reviews will not be accepted at this time. Sorry!!!!


If you are interested in having me review your novel/series, please look over my requirements and contact me. I love books for reviews!! I promise a honest review.

Genres I like :

  1. Young Adult
  2. Romance
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Fantasy
  5. Paranormal
  6. Dystopian
  7. Contemporary

Genres I won’t review:

  1. Erotica
  2. Horror
  3. Mystery

All reviews are my opinion. I do not bash or rake over the coals any book or author. If I DNF it, I will explain why.

I accept both physical copies and digital ones, provided they can be read on my Kindle. While my acceptance of a book does not guarantee a review, I promise that if I complete it, I will publish a review.

My reading schedule is basically me reading whenever and whereever, all time. A review however  could come the next day, next week, next year — or not at all. Reading is my happiness, I will not cheapen my love for it by forcing it.

My reviews are usually cross-posted on amazon, goodreads, and Librarything

Any questions or you are requesting a review, please use the contact page.


Mandy Lou 


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