The girl behind the N.B.T

5’2, sassy, slightly socially awkward jane of all trades. Blogger, Fangirl and Single Cat mother

Welcome to Nihil Sed Tempus! My Name is Mandy Lou. I vary between the spellings.

Nihil Sed tempus is Latin for Nothng but Time. I believe that all we have is nothing but time. Everything revolves around time. We have time for family, time for friends, time for ourselves. So this is a blog about how I dedicate some of my Time. Nothing is as important as the time we give. That was the basis for the blog name. You can call it Nihil Sed Tempus or Nothing But time.

Hobbies: Books, Anime, manga, and video games, drawing, making jewelry, and origami.

Welcome new friends. So follow me and/or email me. I love having people to talk about books and things about. But I have never been the type to make friends easily. To be honest I’m a bit of introvert/anti-social and spend way to much time daydreaming, reading, playing video games to learn all of the social rules. I am extremely excitable about some things, and overly affection to those I call my friends and family. My mouth is quick to say something (normally inappropriate). I am a girl who is generally high-energy, highly optimistic, and a little bit lacking in common sense at times. I can also talk too much [and too fast, but you wouldn’t know that ].

A little bit about this blog. I create Nihil Sed Tempus for an outlet. I needed something to reach out into the world. I love reading and review books. It will also have other random things on this blog.


3 thoughts on “The girl behind the N.B.T

  1. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you’re a walking contradiction. I tell people I’m a “cynical idealist” (borrowed that quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald) because I’m so sarcastic & skeptical about stuff, but I’m also a really positive person.


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